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Professional copier rental service in Bac Ninh

Professional copier rental service in Bac Ninh

Bac Ninh is currently one of class I urban cities, with amazing economic growth and development. Bac Ninh city promotes investment attraction, construction, and development of large industrial zones such as Que Vo Industrial Park, Nam Son Industrial Park, … with large chain centers such as Him Lam Plaza, Dabaco Mart,…

In 2021, Bac Ninh was approved by the Prime Minister to be a city directly under the Central Government, helping Bac Ninh become a hot spot for investors. With a favorable geographical position, located in the middle of development economic corridors, Bac Ninh becomes a key economic area in the North attracting a lot of foreign investment.

Cheap copier rental service in Bac Ninh PRESTIGE – QUALITY – GUARANTEED

Cheap copier rental service in Bac Ninh

Professional copier rental service in Bac Ninh

Wii, the appearance of a series of industrial parks and The investment of many companies and businesses is focused on Bac Ninh today. The demand for photocopiers also increased sharply.

Most units prefer to choose copier rental service, both saving costs for their businesses, as well as owning many of the latest model codes on the market today. Phu Son launched a professional copier rental service in Bac Ninh with 100% of all Refurbished (Renew) copiers with full boxes. With up to 99% new.

You can already own a copier like new, with a low count of less than 1,000 used copies. Let’s find out with Phu Son through the article about rental service copier professionals in Bac Ninh in this article.

Reasons for choosing Phu Son’s copier rental service

Do you think you can use a Refurbished copier with a full box, 99% new? Why not?

Phu Son is known as a copier supplier, the largest copier rental unit in the North. We always select the latest models of copiers on the market today to meet the needs of consumers.

As a direct importer, we always bring quality products with absolutely cheap rental prices. Instead of choosing used model codes, new model codes are genuine but high cost. Then Phu Son company prioritizes photocopier rental service in Bac Ninh with a series Refurbished copier, full box, the most reasonable price in Bac Ninh market today.

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With a team of professional technicians, highly skilled, well-trained. We will handle errors for customers 24/24 from online to offline, you are completely assured of our service.

When you use the copier rental service in Phu Son, we will give priority to customers who pay and close the number every 3 months, every 6 months. To ensure that the number of counters the client uses arbitrarily. You just need to use the machine, the rest is taken care of by Phu Son.

A great advantage when customers use copier rental service in Phu Son is for current Refurbished copiers. That is, Phu Son prioritizes replacing consumables and components in clusters, without separating them, saving time as well as travel and repair costs.

Photocopier rental price list in Bac Ninh

Phu Son would like to send to customers the latest price list for photocopier rental in the market in 2021 in Bac Ninh with accompanying service packages suitable for each printing need of each company:

Rental service package 1:  

– Black and white photocopier rental service is suitable for offices and companies with little printing demand, ranging from 2-3 A4 cartons every month. With a speed of 35 copies/minute equivalent to code, the copierFuji Xerox DocuCentre IV 3065 Refurbished.

– Monthly usage norm: 5,000 copies/month, extra: 110 VND/copy.

– Machine with functions: Print / Photo black and white / Scan color.

1,750,000 VND/month

Black and white

in Bac Ninh city

Norm: 5,000 copies/month

High-speed machine: 35 copies/minute

Rental service package 2:  

Copier rental- Black and white copier rental service Suitable for offices and companies with little to medium printing needs, ranging from 2 to 7 A4 cartons every month. With a speed of 50 copies/minute, it is equivalent to the code RICOH MP 6002 Refurbished Copier.

– Monthly usage norm: 15,000 copies/month, extra: 110 VND/copy.

– Machine with functions: Print / Photo black and white / Scan color.

3,300,000 VND/month

Black and white machine rental

photocopier in Bac Ninh city

Norm: 15,000 copies/month

High-speed machine: 60 copies/minute

Cheap photocopier rental

Rental service Package 3:  

– Service Renting a color photocopier is suitable for offices, companies that need color printing in small quantities, suitable for printing drawings, color designs of visiting cards, brochures, catalogs,… With high speed. 60 copies/minute equivalent to code Ricoh MP C6003 Refurbished copier.

– Monthly usage norm: 3,000 black and white copies, 500 color copies

– Machine with functions: Printing / Photo / Scan color.

2,200,000 VND/month

Color machine rental

Copier in Bac Ninh city

Color printing – Color photo – Color scanning

Norm: 500 colors & 3000 BW

High speed machine: 55 copies/minute & 60 copies/minute

Machine rental Cheap color photocopiers

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Phu Son – comprehensive solution for customers

Coming to Phu Son, when customers use copier rental service in Bac Ninh, customers will be free to use. Use 1 month of machine rental with a signed contract of 24 months. We are committed to bringing the most guaranteed and quality products to consumers. During the period of using the rental service, if the machine fails and is not handled, you will be exchanged for a new equivalent model within 48 working hours.

About JSC Phu Son Group  

Phu Son Group Joint Stock Company is a direct importer of used copiers, Copiers Refurbished, new photocopier genuine. Phu Son with 15 years of experience in the line of office machines, brings comprehensive solutions for businesses.

With a team of technicians of up to 50 people, skilled and professionally trained, Phu Son Engineering will promptly handle errors so that customers can use the machine in the shortest time. Grasping the current and future growth and development of Bac Ninh, Phu Son opened Bac Ninh Branch in January 2018 to meet the service needs of copiers.

Why choose to rent a photocopier in Phu Son?

After carefully choosing the type, model, machine brand, etc. The last thing is to find a reputable copier rental unit in Hanoi that fully meets the needs in terms of quantity, quality and accuracy.

With the experience and reputation built for 15 years, Phu Son confidently asserts that it is a unit with full resources to bring customers a copier rental service in Hanoi – Prestige, professionalism, quality and high quantity.

Phu Son offers photocopier buying, and selling services, copier rental services, photocopier repair and maintenance services, etc. Just visit the website: we will help you solve your problems.

For any problems that need support about copier rental service in Bac Ninh, please contact 083 5435 999 for the best support and advice.


All funny details Please contact:


Hanoi: No. 26B Pham Van Dong, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Bac Ninh: 18-N1 Vo Cuong 8, Vo Cuong Ward, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City: No. 544/22 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 083.5435.999 | 083.5335.999


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